We specialize in custom courses to address each of our customer's specific needs. We have created numerous courses for both government and commercial customers, from basic to advanced. Few companies are qualified to teach at the level of expertise our SMEs have attained and we work very hard to make sure each class provides the students an optimal level of instruction and hands-on experience.

Services we offer with our courses:

  • Student evaluation at the start and end of the course to assist with optimal skills placement
  • Custom hardware and software to optimally represent customer's target environment
  • Expert-level instructor from practiced professionals
  • Tailored course duration, size, and location
  • Short notice instruction to spin up new skill sets

Current Cromulence courses:

  • Hacking TTPs and Mitigation Techniques
  • Advanced Vulnerability Analysis for Embedded Devices

Example courses we have designed and taught in the past:

  • Mobile Forensic Triage in the Battlefield
  • Basic and Advanced RE and Exploitation Techniques
  • Offensive Hacking Techniques
  • Vulnerability Research on Embedded Devices
  • Counter Forensic Techniques in Hostile Environments
  • Electronic Signature Reduction
  • Field forensics (MEDEX, SITEX, SSE processing)