Each Subject Matter Expert (SME) at Cromulence has at least a decade of experience working with customer's requirements and solving their hardest problems. We are deeply familiar with all phases of development: from initial task review, through development cycles, to field testing and final acceptance.

Examples of previous and current engineering tasks:

  • Mobile forensic analysis
  • Developing reverse engineering tools
    • e.g. ROP gadget finder
  • Custom RF platforms
    • e.g. Mesh network with custom frame format and spread spectrum protocol
  • Rapid prototype hardware development
  • Targeted embedded reverse engineering
  • Software security validation (Red Teaming)
  • Source code and behavioral analysis
  • Cyber competition infrastructure, scoring, and visualization

We also provide "Voice of the Offense" services where we advise organizations on the current and future threats to their systems. Each of our tests is performed by expert cybersecurity researchers who have years of experience successfully performing cutting-edge research and practical system intrusions. Each customer's system is different, so we offer tailored analysis that fits each customer.

We do not execute tests with tool suites that print compliance reports, but instead perform custom analysis based on our years of experience in the offensive cybersecurity field. Our customers understand that our level of expertise is not used to check a box for system conformance, but is instead used to harden critical systems.